Land Clearing & Site Work

Promise Land Services specializes in general land clearing and disposal. We will clear out cedar, weesatch or other trees, underbrush, dig any holes and trenches and make elevation changes that will increase the value of your property.

Site Prep & House Pads

We construct both site pads for commercial buildings and house pads for all residential sites to suite your specifications.

Access Roads, Driveways & Parking Lots

Promise Land can repair or build any type of road, driveway or parking lot to suit your needs. We can strip off the top layer to prevent vegetation growth and grade & crown your road to make it as even and smooth as possible.

Logging / Forestry

We work closely with timber companies to get you the best price for your timber.


Our tree chipping is a common method of disposing of limbs and branches after they have been cut when clearing property.

Retention / Detention Ponds

RETENTION / DETENTION PONDS A detention pond or a retention pond depends mostly on what your needs are. If you have an area that is always holding water, then a retention pond is what you need. Or if you need water to slowly soak back into the ground after collecting in a pond, you’ll want a detention pond. We are experienced in building both.

Demolition & Removal

We tear down and haul away light demolition debris such as rotted decks, sheds, fences, old junk materials, drywall material, etc. Call us for a quote if you are unsure.

Trench Burning

The use of an air curtain incinerator as a means to dispose of all organic material on site to keep job cost down.

We install underground utilities, storms sewers for any size project.

Dirt Work

No matter what type of new construction project you are planning, we can help. Dirt work is an important part of land clearing and preparation. No matter what the purpose of your property, we can help you with soil work, ditches, ponds, culvert installation, and any other projects.

Erosion Control

Promise Land Services has the knowledge, experience, equipment and skills necessary to build runoff barricades, containment fencing, and can erect terraces and necessary barriers critical to prevent the erosion of your job site or existing property.

Concrete Paving Services

You can expect top-quality concrete paving services from Promise Land. Your concrete project will be delivered professionally, on-time, and at competitive rates.

Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization is a cost-effective solution used in site development projects to improve sub-grade shear strength and control shrink-swell properties for higher load bearing capacity and uniform consistency. Soil Stabilization gives your project the support it needs from the start and for the future.